About David

David was born and raised in Vancouver and is proud to live in such a beautiful, diverse, and vibrant city. He grew up in the West Point Grey neighbourhood of Vancouver and upon graduating from Lord Byng High School, his family moved to South Vancouver. Since then, he has had the benefit of living in five neighbourhoods throughout Vancouver, experiencing and valuing the unique character each offers our great city.

David completed his degree in Engineering and a diploma in Business Administration and pursued a corporate career in the energy industry. Having a compelling desire to forge ahead with his own business, in 2003 he left his corporate life behind and co-founded Absolute Energy Inc. from the basement of his home. Today, it is one of the largest natural gas supply management firms in B.C. with clients throughout North America. David is often called upon to mentor and speak to young people about entrepreneurship and the importance of being actively engaged in one’s community.

David believes in the value of community involvement and has been active in various charitable causes and neighbourhood organizations. He has served as Chair for the Southlands Community Association and has been an advocate for greater transparency, collaboration and consultation with residents in how the future of their community is shaped. David values a progressive and inclusive society where decision-making is guided by strong engagement with citizens and being accountable to them. He is passionate about making Vancouver a fiscal, social, and innovative leader and creating a welcoming city where working families and businesses can thrive. He espouses the values of environmental stewardship and is committed to making the city a place to work, live, and play.

David is an avid skier and loves travelling and enjoying the great outdoors with his wife.