Economic Plan

3 IMMEDIATE STEPS to protect independent businesses

Small businesses are the heart and soul of our neighborhoods. Within the first 100 days in office, an NPA Mayor and Council will launch a Small Business Task Force mandated to:

1. Make small business taxes more consistent, predictable, and fair. Currently, independent businesses can see their property taxes dramatically increase just because new condos get built down the street.
2. Simplify and accelerate new business processes. This reduces the barriers to starting and growing the independent businesses that make Vancouver neighborhoods vibrant and unique.
3. Develop a fast-track process for businesses in duress. A business that suffers from a flood or fire should not face additional challenges from city hall. Businesses faced with extraordinary events can rely on Ken Sim as mayor and the NPA to be responsive and helpful.

5 STEPS TO PREPARE VANCOUVER for the economy of tomorrow

Medium and larger businesses need an environment where they can thrive, create jobs, and attract great talent.

1. Establish a Disruption Working Group to prepare Vancouver to respond to rapid technological changes and accompanying unconventional service delivery models—Uber, AirBnb, etc. This means engaging the private sector and community organizations to identify challenges, solutions, and new opportunities related to rapidly emerging technologies.

2. Ensure natural gas continues to be a cooking and heating option in Vancouver. This means opposing direct efforts or those hidden in the building code that restrict Vancouver’s restaurants, culinary community, and those in need of an inexpensive heating from accessing natural gas.

3. Make Vancouver city hall an early adopter and incubator of promising new technologies. This means working with the technology sector to foster conditions that support the growth and new opportunities needed to keep promising tech companies from relocating to the US.

4. Engage Metro Vancouver Mayors and Councils to collaborate on regional economic development. This means instead of competing with our neighbours for investments that provide regional benefits, work together to make the entire region better off.

5. Leverage Vancouver’s heritage and cultural diversity to build and strengthen trade relationships. In Vancouver, this means recognizing and celebrating neighbourhoods that link us to other parts of the globe. Internationally, this means drawing on the vast expertise of our cultural communities to strengthen international partnerships and open new doors.