Housing Plan

These are the actions that an NPA Mayor and Council will enact within the first 100 days of office:

1. Allow two secondary suites in detached homes. For renters, this brings up to 40,000 new units within reach. For homeowners, this means new options to pay their mortgage.

2. Fast-track housing for low-income Vancouverites, vulnerable seniors, and people with disabilities. This means that housing developed by not-for-profits or in partnership with BC Housing gets built faster.

3. Reduce municipal taxes, fees, and charges for laneway homes and new secondary suites that house long-term renters. This makes it less expensive for homeowners to add rental suites and gives renters more options to choose from.

4. Renew outstanding co-op rental leases. This provides residents with certainty and peace of mind. It is also a starting point to pursue opportunities for additional co-op housing.

5. Designate City-owned lands for constructing attainable rental accommodation maintaining municipal ownership of that land.