Transparency Plan

5 IMMEDIATE STEPS to respect taxpayers

1. Order a full, independent review of City finances to ensure tax dollars being spent responsibly and identify areas for improvement.

2. Review City policies and programs introduced in the past 10 years to evaluate whether they are making Vancouver more liveable and affordable.

3. Relieve tax pressure with a target of capping increases in municipal taxes to no more than the rate of inflation.

4. Restore long-term fiscal stability with a plan to reduce Vancouver’s debt.

5. Create a multi-partisan Team Vancouver. Bring together Vancouver’s MPs and MLAs in a cross-partisan Team Vancouver that can secure our fair share of investment and support from other levels of government.


1. Make transparency and disclosure the default. Exemptions will be made only when necessary, rather than at every possible turn.

2. Separate politics from the public service and empower City staff to do their jobs without political interference, so they can innovate, and develop creative solutions to Vancouver’s challenges.

3. Create a registry for lobbyists, bringing Vancouver into compliance with best practices established at the Provincial and Federal levels.

4. Improve protections for whistleblowers to ensure the integrity of our local government.

5. Determine any future increases to Councillor salaries through recommendations from an independent committee.